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XCJS-4 Pilot Filter Pressure pipeline filter

Line oil filter

XCJS-4 Pilot Filter Pressure pipeline filter

  • Product name XCJS-4 Pilot Filter
  • Nominal flow rate(L/min) 30
  • Nominal press(MPa) 100
  • Filtration rating(μm) 3,5,10,15...
  • Application industry Metallurgy, petrochemicals, textiles, mechanical processing, mining,engineering machinery, etc
  • Usage Installed on the pressure pipeline of the hydraulic system, with magnetic filtering elements inside, it can effectively filter out metal particles mixed in the hydraulic oil, providing clean hydraulic oil for the hydraulic system
Introduction to XCJS-4 Pilot Filter
XCJS-4 Pilot Filter is a hydraulic filter produced by Xinxiang Dongfeng Filtration Technology Co., Ltd. This filter is mainly designed for hydraulic systems, aiming to maintain the cleanliness and efficient operation of the system through its special filtering function. It is usually installed at the inlet of hydraulic pumps or valves to remove large particle impurities and sediments from the system, thereby protecting the hydraulic system from damage.

Characteristics of XCJS-4 Pilot Filter
1. Efficient filtration: The XCJS-4 Pilot Filter adopts a special structure of filter disc filtration technology, which is sensitive in performance and ensures that only particles with a smaller diameter than the required can enter the system, providing effective filtration protection for the hydraulic system.
2. Strong Customizability: This filter provides multiple specifications to choose from, and users can choose different precision filter discs according to their actual needs to meet different filtering requirements.
3. Automatic cleaning: The XCJS-4 pilot filter is equipped with a pressure switch at the inlet of the filter. When the pressure difference reaches a certain value, it opens and closes automatically. By controlling the movement of the directional valve through a signal, the filter is switched to the backup plug-in to complete automatic cleaning and replacement, without the need for manual intervention.
5. Easy maintenance: The filter is compact in design, easy to install and maintain. Meanwhile, its high-quality filtering elements are sturdy and durable, requiring almost no daily maintenance.
Model Mounting size
Nominal flow rate(L/min) Nominal
Pressure loss Type of
Cracking pressure
of the bypass valve
Filter element
XCJS-4 G1/2 30 100bar Optional
in accordance
with ISO 16889
≤0.8bar A=Steel plug
T-Setting 6bar
N-Without bypass
XCJS-4 Pilot Filter Performance
1. Filtering accuracy: The filtering accuracy of XCJS-4 pilot filter can be customized according to user needs, providing multiple specifications ranging from 5 μ to 200 μ.
2. Filtering area: The filtering area can also be customized according to actual needs to ensure efficient filtering performance.
3. Flow regulation: The system flow can be flexibly adjusted as needed to meet the filtration needs under different working conditions.
4. Service life: The new plastic filter element is sturdy, wear-resistant, corrosion-free, and has minimal scaling. After years of industrial practical verification, it has been used for 6-10 years without wear and aging.

XCJS-4 Pilot Filter Usage Range
XCJS-4 pilot filter is widely used in various hydraulic systems, such as excavators, rollers, loaders and other construction machinery, as well as hydraulic systems in industries such as steel, metallurgy, and power. It is mainly used to remove large particle impurities and sediments in the system, protect the hydraulic system from damage, and improve the reliability and service life of the system.