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DAB desiccant air breather series

Air breather filter

DAB desiccant air breather series

Product name:DAB desiccant air breather series

Top cover material:Carbon steel

Straight tube material:PVC

Ffilter element material:Cotton wood pulp

Type connection:Threaded connection

Usage: Used for air absorption and filtration in fuel tanks

Introduction To DAB Desiccant Air Breather Series

The DAB desiccant air breather series adopts a multi-stage deep filtration design, including two parts: desiccant and air filter element. When air passes through desiccants, water is absorbed; Subsequently, the air passes through the air filter element, and the particles are removed. This design can effectively prevent water and solid particles from entering the oil tank due to the pressure difference caused by the rise and fall of the liquid level and thermal expansion and contraction, thereby improving the working performance and reliability of the hydraulic system, and extending the service life of the oil tank and equipment.
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Characteristics Of DAB Desiccant Air Breather Series

1. Efficient moisture absorption: The DAB series moisture absorption filters use highly efficient desiccants that can quickly absorb moisture from the air and maintain a dry environment inside the fuel tank.
2. Easy to maintain: When the color of the hygroscopic agent turns pale and gradually turns red until it turns light red, it indicates that the hygroscopic agent has reached saturation. At this time, it can be easily replaced or dried before use.
3. Long lifespan: By regularly replacing and maintaining moisture absorbers, DAB series moisture filters can maintain long-term performance and service life.
4. Multi stage filtration: By combining desiccants and air filter cartridges, this series of filters can simultaneously remove moisture and solid particles from the air, providing multi-level protection.
Model Moisture absorption volume(mm) Hygroscopic agent weight (g) Max.rate of air flow (m³/min) Filtration rating(μ m) Model of air breather D L1 L2 L3 L M S
DAB-90-90 85 270 0.5 3 AB-90 95.5 33 90 58 18 G3/4 36
DAB-90-150 170 540 150
DAB-120-145 285 840 1.25 AB-120 126.5 45 145 99 25 G11/4 53
DAB-120-255 570 1680 255
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Scope Of Use Of DAB Desiccant Air Breather Series

The DAB desiccant air breather series are widely used in hydraulic oil tanks or gearboxes working in humid or temperature varying environments, especially in coastal areas or marine environments with concentrated salt mist. They are widely used in industries such as wind power, ocean, ships, ports, subways, chemicals, papermaking, steel, mining, electricity, and engineering machinery. In addition, this series of filters is also suitable for various wind power plants and other gearboxes.