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Clogging indicator oil filter pressure gauge

Clogging Indicator

Clogging indicator oil filter pressure gauge

  • Product name Clogging indicator
  • Working pressure (bar) 320~-9
  • Indicator value (bar) 5+0.3~-0.18
  • Temp range (°C) -20°C~+90°C
  • Power ≤220V 0.25A,DC 24V 2A

Introduction to Clogging indicator

Clogging indicator are usually used in conjunction with filters in hydraulic systems. When the filter element in the filter gradually becomes clogged due to intercepting pollutants, the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the oil will be generated (i.e. filter element pressure loss). When the pressure difference increases to the set value of the transmitter, the transmitter will automatically send a signal indicating that the system operator should clean or replace the filter element to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system.



value( (bar)

Temp range(°C)





- 20°C~+ 90C


≤220V 0.25A







CYB- |

DC 24V 2A





Note: If no definite value after indicator type, the value of indicator is the specified value in the technical data. If specific pressure value of the indicator is needed, when ordering, the specific value should be noted. E.g.: CY- II need the 5 bar indicator, the model shall beCY-Il-5.

Performance characteristics of Clogging indicator

1. Real time monitoring: The pollution detector can monitor the degree of pollution in the filter element in real time and issue an alarm when needed to remind operators to take timely measures.
2. High precision: The transmitter adopts high-precision sensors and advanced algorithms, which can accurately determine the degree of contamination of the filter element, avoiding false alarms or omissions.
3. High reliability: The transmitter has undergone strict quality control and testing, with high reliability and stability, and can work normally in various harsh environments.
4. Easy to operate: The transmitter usually has a visual or electrical signal prompt function, which facilitates operators to quickly understand the pollution situation of the filter element.
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External dimensions of Clogging indicator products

Clogging indicator (4)hopClogging indicator外形尺寸2-1r66Clogging indicator外形尺寸3-1p8t

Scope of use of Clogging indicator

Clogging indicator are widely used in various hydraulic systems, such as engineering machinery, metallurgical equipment, petrochemical industry, ships, etc. In these systems, the performance of filters is crucial for the stability and reliability of hydraulic systems. By using a pollution detector, the pollution level of the filter element can be monitored in real time, and the filter element can be cleaned or replaced in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system.